Dawson Van Orden’s donation program is intended to meet the needs of organizations which are focused on children, education, or the well-being of those less fortunate. We do not fund direct aid to the following:

  • Individuals (including Gofundme, kickstarter, etc campaigns)
  • Capital campaigns, building projects, or equipment
  • Transportation or travel expenses
  • Political Organizations
  • Salaries
  • Government agencies
  • Loans or investments
  • Research studies
  • Symposuims, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings
  • Merchandise promotions, partnerships or advertising
  • Development of production of books, films, videos, television programs, or websites
  • Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals, and/or raffles
  • Deficit funding

Organizations must establish IRS 501(c)(3) status.

  • Additional organizational information